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Amazing Alegria

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
One word; Amazing!

I went to see Cirque du Soleil's show Alegria tonight... It was absolutely breathtaking. The decorations, costumes, everything was so beautiful. The acts funny and enchanting. Definitely a must see.

Something else I saw tonight was part of the Rolling Stones! They played the Amsterdam Arena last night :)

Ron Wood was just sitting a few seats away from us... Sooo funny!

We were standing outside and I saw some (older ;)) guys walking around, sunglasses (no sun), bodyguards and I'm just thinking hmm who's this. Then my dad's like ooooh my! Hahaha... Next thing my mom thinks she's 20 again ;) And before I realise it, they pass us and my mom's telling me about her wild adventures when she got to see them in Paradiso ages ago while she didn't even have a ticket! Lovely! :) Great day!

Minor note...

Monday, July 24, 2006
Excuse me for the difference in my posts. Some light, some not. Lots of stuff happening in my life right now, good and bad, while apparently getting to know myself better day by day. Things I knew all along, but having tried to avoid them for such a long time, all getting to the surface right now...

I can imagine you may not be interested in all that personal stuff, if you don't like them, don't read them, but please do come back and check out the fun stories, once in a while... ;)

Solar Weekend Festival

First comes Extrema Outdoor.
Be you.
Be creative. See you August 5&6th.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I've written about my perfect-Scandinavian-looks-phobia and how I will never be that girl.
No wonder I hate Barbies. I never even liked them when I was a kid. I once got one, and I did ask for one for my birthday, as all the other girls were playing with them, I figured I had to have one as well.

From a young age I was confinced that you needed to look like Barbie to be succesfull. She always had beautiful clothes, a nice car, house, boyfriend, everything. Maybe I didn't really realize it back then, but now I can imagine I might have...

The oddest thing of all is that even though I dislike Barbie, I do have loads of respect for Marilyn Monroe. A strange fascination for this blonde woman. I even have pictures of her hanging around my house. Not just fascination, respect. And with respect I immediately found out why I detested the blonde population of our world. It wasn't like I didn't like any of them, there were just a few who soured it up for the rest. It wasn't just because they were blonde... No, it was the way they caried themselves. An ugly way. A way to make me feel miserable.

But now, the time has come to say thank you. So, thanks Jessica (and many others, whom I won't mention by name), for making life hard for me at times, for years making me to have wanted to look and be just like you. But now, still not 100% satisfied with who I am and what I look like, I am glad I am not you and the personality that you carry.

The Bone Collector

Saturday, July 22, 2006
An odd mystery is going around in my apartment... Last night when I went to bed, my cat was playing with something in my bedroom. When you want to sleep, a playing cat can be very annoying. I thought he'd be playing with a "clip" (to do the laundry with) as there's not much else laying around on the floor for him to play with. I thought.

I turned on the lights and to my surprise there was not a clip on the floor. It was a piece of bone.

I live on the fourth floor, the only entrance for a living, or dead for that matter, thing can come in through either the front door or the balcony by my bedroom.

It was dirty, with dried mudd on it. Carefully with a piece of paper I picked it up, much to Monty's disappointment.

I know he couldn't have gotten it off the balcony as I had just entirely cleaned it that night! So... How did this get into my house, even grosser, how did it get into my bedroom?! And... This is just one piece; where's the rest? And to what/whom did it belong to...

I don't like this at all... It's spooky. Anyone, any suggestions?

Monty; Hours before playing with his latest toy...