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Two Weeks Notice

Thursday, April 20, 2006
Today I had my interviews & task at the Dutch Film and Television Academy... I don't want to complain and be a pain, but I feel miserable about it.
I'm happy that this Thursday is almost over and now I just have to wait for the final word in the letter. Two weeks...
So... Welcome back days-that-I-go-down-all-the-stairs-with-my-key-to-the-mailbox-ready-in-my-hand-and-with-my-heart-pounding-really-heavy-not-sure-if-it'll-be-there-today!

Obviously... I'll keep you updated... ;)

Sleepless in Amsterdam

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
I hate this. I don't think I've ever been more nervous for an interview.
It all started Monday on Tuesday night. I couldn't sleep, every time I thought of the Film Academy my heart would start pounding even more heavier.
I have no nails left. This morning I woke up at exactly 9am. I could cry, I thought I had overslept and that it was actually Thursday.

The good thing is, is that there's only one night left...

Remember, remember...

Monday, April 17, 2006
Remember, remember... To go and see "V for Vendetta", preferably on the big screen.

I saw it at the IMAX in Amsterdam... Apart from little school trips to the Omniversum in Den Haag, I'd never seen an IMAX motion picture...

At first I had my doubts about the film. Then, when it started they became even bigger. Was I suppose to sit through a 2hour-something film, watching a guy with a mask? No facial expressions whatsoever? Can you call that acting? I suppose so... Cause even though it took me some minutes to get used to his big grin on the mask, Hugo Weaving (V in the film) definitely was V and not just the voice...

Like I said... Go see it on the big screen... There's one amazing shot in it that would never ever have the same impact on the average TV screen... Here's a little peek:


Sunday, April 16, 2006
Today... It's Easter...
When I was younger this was a day my parents and I would spend in the woods, me searching for easter eggs that some bunny would have left there... Only for me to find.

At that time, I had a rabbit of my own. Flappie was his name. He didn't do much. He just sat there in a corner, eating and sleeping. Growing bigger every day. No matter how sweet I was to him or how I'd please him with giving some more food, he never ever left me a chocolate egg with a nice shiny paper around it.

Not even during easter.

So, to my dissapointment, I found out that Flappie wasn't an easterbunny... Oh well...

Later on I saw a tape that my father made of our egg-hunt in the woods... There's me on the ground looking for shiny wraps... There's my mother on the background, digging in her purse, then throwing out those exact little chocolate eggs I would find later...

Years and so Easters went by.

Today, I didn't do much like any of the above... I only had a real egg this morning during breakfast, which Tom made me :) And had loads of choco-eggs; That's what I like about easter - You have a good excuse to eat chocolate all day!