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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
It felt like I was 16 all over again. Sweet sixteen? Hell no. When I was 16 I had my finals for high school. (Sunny) days wasted on books and everything related to the subjects. Days of stuffing yourself with sweets to either get more energy or else because you felt miserable.

I remember my first exam very well. We had it at our gym, all graduating classes were in there. (For the non-Dutch peeps; we have four different levels you can graduate in...). All shaky I looked up my table. Crossing if I wanted tea, tea with sugar, tea with milk, tea with sugar and milk and the same options for coffee.

The clock hit 9:00am. We were allowed to turn our papers open. A slight breeze went through the gym, caused by all the papers turning.

The next five minutes I just stared at my paper. Thoughts like, fuck this up and no high school year in America, were filling my mind.

I looked around me, every one was busy looking up things, writing... My paper was still blank.

Somehow I made it. But today... Four years later, I felt like I was sixteen all over again. There I went, into a strange building. No friendly hello's, good lucks... Just snobby faces, gum chewing kids.

So I had the feeling of a sixteen year old, but I feld old. Don't people go to school any more? Why were they here, not at their own high school? I knew why I was there, I do it all at home and send in my home work through either regular -or e-mail.

There I was, with a small other 100 people around me in a converence room, all looking at the clock.


At exactly 09:00:00 we were allowed to turn over those pages.

What happened to multiple choice? It was all think, think, write, write work. Why didn't I know this? Is there a difference, besides the difficultness, in the "levels" you have exams in?

Some were easy, the others were so hard. With a weird feeling I left the room.
Just now, I heard on the news that since 12pm the "complain commission" has already received over 6200 complains on geograpy and is still counting.

So thankfully I wasn't the only one...

I'm tired. I'm not used getting up so early, sit for three hours straight and think. Crap, I'm old...