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Welcome back...

Saturday, June 10, 2006
Waiting with my bike at the traffic lights I smile as I turn my head towards the sky. My eyes squint, putting my hand above my eyes. My smile gets bigger.

She's there. She's back.

People behind me are starting to move, happily I jump back on my bike and slowly bike through the streets. My favourite route. The most beautiful route from the city back home. But today, this route is even more beautiful...

There's not a cloud in sight.

She's shining so brightly and warm. My skin is glowing. I feel amazing and the soft curls I put in my hair that morning are happily bouncing up and down when I hop off my bike and walk the last few feet to my house.

I look back up to the sky. "Welcome back" I think.

She definitely made a come-back; A few days ago every one was wearing leather jackets, turning the heat up etc. Now, the less clothing; the better!

Both the sun and this beautiful city are shining again. The atmosphere, sound, smell and vibe are back. The canals busy with their own traffic. Squares and streets filled with people. Happy, smiling people.

Thank you...

maybe tomorrow

Sunday, June 04, 2006
People who know me, know I love special treatments, win stuff, get on the guestlist, get stuff for free... Preferably the easiest way.

This weekend it was a little different; A friend of mine and I would go to try and unlock the Da Vinci Code (so not a film for us, we thought).

We met up at a cafe and he told me he had already gotten tickets that afternoon. But more people wanted to unlock this ancient mystery that there were only VIP tickets left.

Ok, so? VIP... Ah been there, done that. But these were VIP tickets at the beautiful Tuschinski theater.

I've already been in the "love-boots" in a not-so-romantic-situation (premiere of Nanny McPhee, dubbed to Dutch, my best (female) friend next to me and a bunch of little kids with loads of candy equals not romantic)

So, up up up the stairs, receive a glass of champagne and have an amazing view. No bother of people around you whatsoever. Great!

The film... It felt like a mix of Dutch TV show Baantjer and Scooby Doo. I agree; The book was better (even though I haven't read it, I'm sure it must have been)

After the film we went to the SugarFactory where there was Russian Disco (or something like that) - Had a wonderful time that 2 days later my head/body is still spinning...

Other than that, I started reading "If You Could See Me Now" by Cecelia Ahern. I love her books. And I absolutely love my new phone, the Nokia 6111.