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A Perfect Match

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
"I might have a candidate for you" she said. Surprised I looked around me, none of them appealed to me.
We left the room and while we were walking, I saw him... Anxiously he got up, the closer we got. We all smiled. "Be carefull" she said before I entered the room. I went in, said hello, sat down and waited.

Not much later, he made an approach. Before I even realised it, he went and sat down on my lap.

A year and a half later, I'm still glad that I went to the pension that day. The we met and that it clicked. That somedays we love and other days we can't stand each other.

His beautiful blue eyes, his weird personality and way of doing things, his mood which can change at any second are exactly all I looked for in a cat...

Monty is the best!

daytime friends & nighttime lovers

Sunday, July 02, 2006
Was Kenny Rogers right when he sang that a women really needs a friend and a lover?
Is it impossible to find the two of them in one?
And if you do find that one perfect match of friend and lover, does this mean that that person also is the one? So to speak, the soulmate everyone seems to be looking for?

It's summer and whenever summer comes along, there is also always something in the air which make people seem to (want to) fall in love a lot easier. No one wants to spend the warm summer nights alone.

Personally I prefer to spend the winternights together... Snuggle up in bed under the warmth of soft blankets... Candles and all that...

Is it just cause I'm single? Am I jealous? Is it just a coinsidence that it's summer and to me it seems everybody is dating and being in love?

I still love my life, but I'll be honest with you....

I miss my friend and my lover.