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True or False?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
A couple of years ago I visited London on my own. I visited the city before with friends so I sort of knew my way around. I stayed at this cheap, but still not that cheap of a hotel.

There was a Scandinavian girl working there. She was a few years older than me but we got along right away, not that I would see her much, cause I was only staying for a few days, but during breakfast she would join me and at night when I returned we'd have a chat in the lobby.

Even though she was happy to work in London, she hated it at the same time. She didn't have any friends, her boss was a jerk and her English wasn't that good and people were getting impatient with her (English).

The last night she came over to me and told me that she didn't have any money, that she had to pay for something (I truly can't remember what it was) and her boss refused to give her her loan.

I thought about it. I hardly had any cash left over so I couldn't help her, besides that, my money wasn't really my money, I had "borrowed" it as well...

So I couldn't help her and the next morning at breakfast I didn't see her, neither when I left.

Years later I still wonder if it was any true at all. At work I get at least one or two people a week who try the same scam on me...

People who have been "robbed", people who's girlfriends had to go into hospital and their boyfriends didn't have enough money with them to pay up for the taxi (I suppose they forgot about ATM), old ladies who lost their purses or keys while their sons are on vacation who always seem to have the only extra key. People pretending to know the boss and that he would be okay with it (I'm related to my boss and know pretty much all his "friends"). Guys with fake gunshots in their arms... They always want to leave somthing behind, like a jacket or something...

I smile sadly at them, tell them to go to the café on the corner, try there, that I can't give away any money from the register and that I can't give people back their change in jackets and other non-cash items. Obviously, I never have any of my own cash with me either when I'm at work...

It's always "true or false". When it is true; I'm sorry that I couldn't help you. When it's false; I'm glad I saw through you and good luck....

Don't speak...

Sunday, July 09, 2006
This is kind of what I feel like right now...
You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together always I really feel
That I'm losing my best friend I can't believe
This could be the end
It looks as though you're letting go
And if it's real
Well I don't want to know
[taken from don't speak by no doubt]

I miss my best friend. It's not that we're in a fight or not talking,it's just that something's missing... It's hard to explain. We've been best friends for years, always knowing how we felt, what we thought, no secrets, knowing what the other means by just a sigh, look or word...

It's more that we're going different ways, which doesn't mean we can't still be great friends, but I'll miss her, because somehow I already do.

Besides that, I'm just plain jealous. She found this new "hobby" and I'm glad for her, but it's not my thing. With that hobby she made lots of new friends and I just feel intimidated by one of those ladies. Like she's taking over my place. The whole reason why I feel like this is obviously cause I think she'll doesn't need me anymore and finds a much better friend in this person who shares that same hobby...

I ♥ Tapas

"Can I ask you a question?" a neatly dressed man asks me, when he hands me the DVD's. He could have walked right out of a movie I thought when I saw him walk in the store. Very elegant and polite.

"Of course" I answer him. He looks at my t-shirt. Pervert, I think.

"We just released a film called Tapas and now I just wonder is it a coinsidence that you wear this shirt? Have you seen the film?"

I realise that this is the man of one of our distributors, of whom I heard a lot about, yet never really got to meet. I smile and start laughing.

I heard about the film Tapas, it's supposed to be very good. I honestly tell him that it really is a coinsidence and that I hadn't seen the movie yet. He wondered where I got it and that it would have been a very good promotional addition yet too late now as the film had already been released. I tell him I'll wear it once it's out on DVD...

Not only do I love tapas, I love coinsidences as well... ;)