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The Bone Collector

Saturday, July 22, 2006
An odd mystery is going around in my apartment... Last night when I went to bed, my cat was playing with something in my bedroom. When you want to sleep, a playing cat can be very annoying. I thought he'd be playing with a "clip" (to do the laundry with) as there's not much else laying around on the floor for him to play with. I thought.

I turned on the lights and to my surprise there was not a clip on the floor. It was a piece of bone.

I live on the fourth floor, the only entrance for a living, or dead for that matter, thing can come in through either the front door or the balcony by my bedroom.

It was dirty, with dried mudd on it. Carefully with a piece of paper I picked it up, much to Monty's disappointment.

I know he couldn't have gotten it off the balcony as I had just entirely cleaned it that night! So... How did this get into my house, even grosser, how did it get into my bedroom?! And... This is just one piece; where's the rest? And to what/whom did it belong to...

I don't like this at all... It's spooky. Anyone, any suggestions?

Monty; Hours before playing with his latest toy...

A life-lesson, yet for some a secret...

Friday, July 21, 2006
I was one of those girls, while being a teenager, who loved to be around boybands. My theory about it is simple. The boys are mostly good looking, they have loads of money and apparently they have feelings too! In their songs they sing about their loves and what more could a girl want, then a guy who isn't afraid to show his feelings? Next to that, if your mom doesn't read the gossip-papers, then he'd be the perfect catch to meet the parents!

It was an obsession. So much money wasted on nothing! On pieces of paper, with just their name on it, a picture from a magazine, which looks exactly like the others; because it really was the same picture. Asking people around to save magazines, tape TV-shows and definitely not to be missed, make your own wallpaper! Or easier, just cover up every tiny space of your walls with scraps, pictures and other crazy boyband-related stuff.

Travelling all over the country to see and hopefully meet them. What, all over the country?! We even went abroad! Not just once, not twice, no... I won't mention how many times and what countries we went to.

But we did meet them. And also for this counts, not once, not twice... Often. Crazy things. Amazing things. And it didn't just happen to anybody, no, it happened to us.

It happened to me, my best friend and some others we knew. At one point, they even knew who we were! Thrilling, yes. Scary now, yes!

Why?! Why did they remember us?! Why were we more special than the others... Why were we on the "inside" and hundreds of girls outside of the hotel walls.

Hotels. Venues. Busses. Airports. Clubs. And even their homes...

Years passed. We changed. They changed. We changed for the better, they changed for the worse.

A great experience. Something that not everybody is able to experience. And we know the secret.

The secret to get closer... And if you're lucky, you'll one day find out for yourself. This might happen while meeting a celebrity, being in love or any other part in life. Today I realised that I've re-discovered the secret. I re-discovered it in my friendship with my best friend. Stay true to and be yourself.
That's the secret...

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
A long, long time ago, there was a girl, who knew exactly what she wanted and how she would be able to get it...

That girl is no longer me... Unfortunately.

A series of unfortunate events, I call it, when I smile sadly and think back about it. Of course there are worse things that can happen but I'm just selfish and thinking, why does this all have to happen to me? Why can't it all go right?

No Film Academy. No love. No drivers license. Huge dentist bill. Worries about the health of my cat. Weird customers at work, which don't make me wanna go to work. Failing exams.... Just a quick grab.

When I was younger, I would just get up and do things right. In one time. Now I have to re-do everything all the time and it makes me insecure.

Insecurity in the car, even my instructors say it. Great! Now I feel even better about driving.

So afraid to fail, while there's nothing wrong with failing, as long as you don't give up and keep trying again....

Loving it to write, yet now, never knowing what to write, or hating my own stories so much that I don't even post them... Re-reading my older posts here on blogspot, hoping for some inspiration... Bear with me, please...

And the beat goes on...

Monday, July 17, 2006
Remember, remember, the 15th of July... Wow! What a day! Two days later I'm still enjoying the beats, thinking and dreaming back to last Saturday...
15 / 07 / 2006
Love Parade, Berlin
Dance Valley, Spaarnwoude

A great location, wonderfull DJ's, awesome atmosphere, beautiful weather...

The perfect mix for a great day!